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Service Technician Team

Brian B Background: 6/29/2017 Drug Test: 7/20/2015
Jared W Background: 3/22/2017 Drug Test: 3/24/2017
Jesse P Background: 11/2/2017 Drug Test: 10/26/2017
Julian V Background: 10/18/2017 Drug Test: 11/7/2017
Leonardo R Background: 6/26/2017 Drug Test: 4/1/2014
Luke S Background: 7/22/2016 Drug Test: 7/25/2016
Michael G Background: 10/5/2017 Drug Test: 10/30/2017
Michael P Background: 3/15/2018 Drug Test: 3/15/2018
Sonny E Background: 12/6/2018
Tom F Background: 6/5/2019 Drug Test: 6/4/2019

Door Installation Team

Julian Z Background: 9/7/2017 Drug Test: 9/8/2017
Malik D Background: 3/20/2018 Drug Test: 3/19/2018
Reinaldo P Background: 6/21/2017 Drug Test: 4/1/2014


Rudy D Background: 9/5/2019 Drug Test: 9/4/2019

Location Leader

Anthony B Background: 1/9/2018 Drug Test: 1/8/2018

At Precision all of our technicians are professionally trained. That means every hired employee must complete and pass months of classroom and on the road training with a professionally trained technician before they can go on the road to work alone. That is why our professionally trained technicians are capable of repairing any garage door operating system available in the market place.